New name, same great course. #Design, #Create, #Display!

At RedBorder Ltd we understand the importance of change in order to survive and thrive in the world of business.

With that said we would like to announce the change of name to our retail display course. Previously known as Passion for… Fashion, the new name will be                                #Design#Create,  #Display !

For all of the educational establishments and local authorities who have previously booked the course students can still expect to receive the same Fun Interactive Learning  Through Education and Retail (FILTER) programme which they have previously enjoyed and signed up for.

#Design, #Create, #Display  is a course that is designed to teach students the basics of Visual Merchandising, display, promotions and advertising techniques and how they all interlink with Visual Merchandising. It is a taster course for individuals to introduce the Art of Visual Merchandising  to students who may be considering a creative path but not sure of all the options available to them.

This course aims to encourage creativity and to deliver an interesting, challenging, exciting, informative course, to also give an insight and a heads up on some of the requirements needed in order to get into the Retail and or visual merchandising industry.

#Design, #Create, #Display  follows our key ethos of                                                               Fun Interactive Learning Through Education & Retail (FILTER)

Our main course objectives are

  • Young People achieve personal and social development and enjoy recreation that includes developing or improving skills that benefit their life changes.
  • Young People become confident and learn decision making skills through fun
  • Young People gain experiences that present challenges and adventure within risk assessed activities.
  • Young People develop greater self confidence.

Students will achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • The students will be able to demonstrate the basic levels of Visual merchandising and the art of merchandising, the will have the opportunity to have design, pitch, create and install a window display for a retailer. They will also learn about styling techniques and have the opportunity to enter the Passion for… Fashion competition. This knowledge will be invaluable to them should they choose to go into the industry as fundamentally they will be able to demonstrate to an interviewer that they are aware of the basic skills required to become a visual merchandiser.


  • Compete against other class members to style the mannequin and win the Passion for… Fashion award
  • Class Discussion on their finding
  •  Work in teams to create a window display for a retailer of which the retailer will decide which one they prefer.
  • Then they will all work together as a class to bring the display to life by sourcing products and making products

Enjoy and Achieve

  • Mannequin Styling Competition
  • Visit stores and analyse how retailers come up with their in store and window displays.
  • Design a window display for a retailer
  • Pitch, create and implement the display into the retailer shop window
  • Enterprising
  • Win a Yr’s subscription to glamour magazine and the coveted #Design, #Create, #Display award!
If you are an educational establishment and are interested in finding out more information please Contact Us. We look forward to hearing from you.


Visual Merchandising For Fashion

In case you weren’t aware Visual Merchandising is our Passion.

When people ask what is our principle business activity, my response is Visual Merchandising ” we work with retailers to create Window and in-store display” then i go into the further blurb about what that actually entails.                                                               I am pleased that now people are  becoming more aware of the industry and just what it entails. The conversation has now moved on to that of  “Ohh I really love Selfridge’s, Harvey Nichols and Liberty’s window display”. For this  I am particularly grateful to the bloggers out there representing the industry and to the retailers upping their window display game.

One way that I am able to keep abreast of my industry goings on  is via the daily bulletin from WWW.RETAILSTOREWINDOWS.COM . The Retail Store windows website and the Commercial interior Design and Visual Merchandising blog is a daily Visual Merchandising bulletin which documents and chronicles all the visual delights and sometimes atrocities on the shopping meccas across the world. The in depth knowledge of the author (Jonathan Baker) who incidentally is a leading spokesperson and lecturer for the visual merchandising industry gives readers a real insight. Whether you are a professional or someone new to the industry there is something for every one.

Gucci - Monte Carlo

Jonathan and his co-author Sarah Bailey have now penned the book titled “Visual Merchandising For Fashion. Which  answers the following questions “How do we define retail spaces to maintain commerciality and the ‘experience’ to encapsulate the virtual world as well as the physical one? How do we journey from private to public place? Where do people meet before they go shopping? Why do we go to a particular store and not another? What makes things sell? What first attracts us to a brand? Visual merchandising is concerned with all of these questions – and incorporates the relationship between brand, consumer, product and environment”?.

This really takes the Visual Merchandising industry to a new level and introduces the psychology about the how’s and why’s of Fashion Visual Merchandising and hopefully go someway to gain traction for the industry.

“It is an essential resource for any Fashion / Visual Merchandising student”

RedBorder Ltd are proud contributors to the publication Visual Merchandising For Fashion. You can obtain your copy from



On Your Marks… The race of the summer was not between Bolt, Powel, Gay and Blake!

Our Newham students class of 2012 took the theme of the Olympics and RAN with it!! We used a window of a Pharmacy  located in Beckton Rose Mall… Synopsis of the display: How can you link the Olympics to a Pharmacy… so we took the ideas …of capsules and turned them into athletes, with the restrictions as they were we had to be creative of how we used the Olympic rings and the colours so here is what we did: Used the Olympic colours for the track, Gold, Silver and Bronze rings as the podium places, coupled with a make shift crowd and flags of some of the nations participating… one final element was the naming of the capsules / Athletes: ASPRINT, POLEVOLTAROL AND NEUROFENCE… rather clever don’t you think!   Well done guys.