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At RedBorder Ltd, we work with ambitious businesses. You know the ones that live breathe and sleep their businesses. The ones where you see they have a real passion for what they do and are generous enough to share their talent with the wider world. They also punch above their weight, which is a good thing!

There is a fine line between boasting and celebrating ones success and these businesses know how to walk that fine line with great poise and ease.

Often we admire people from afar for what they may accomplish. You may never meet them, which I think is good thing as it adds to the mystery of the person. For one split second they act as an inspiration or a motivator for the reader and very often than not they are unaware of the impact that they have made on an individual.

Ambitious small businesses have the same impact on me, i really admire artist of all genres, they are inhibited, fearless and always relevant.

To this day, So solid Crew Video of 21 seconds is one of my all time favourite video, it is just so damn clever for these ambitious and inspiring  group of young individuals as they were at the time to produce such a timeless video.

Now whilst So Solid crew achieved mass success, accolades and high praises, not everyone who acts as an inspiration in society gets recognised for it.

So Solid Crew 21 seconds

So Solid Crew 21 seconds







So every month as I go about my business, researching and networking, I intend to acknowledge anyone who has been a source of inspiration for that month, it is just my way of saying thank you.

Starting with this month June 2015

What I like about your business goes to:


Who: Sonia Meggie

What for: Inspirational U

Why: Just  follow her on twitter to admire her relentless work ethic, no surprise she has been awarded an MBE

 For more info visit:


Until next month

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