It’s all in the presentation: Visual Merchandising for Fashion!

It’s finally here my copy of Visual Merchandising for Fashion the labour of love of Jonathan Baker and his co author Sarah Bailey. Knowing how hard he has worked on it and the multiple amendments that were necessary I wish to congratulate you both on bringing it to fruition.and getting it released.

Visual Merchandising for Fashion provides a 360 degrees view about visual merchandising with chapters about display design basics, space planning principles to the future of Visual Merchandising There is a chapter in there for every retailer and retail professional with beautiful sharp  images of retail environments to compliment the advice being given.

Many small businesses believe that they know all they need to know about visual merchandising and categorise it as simply about making something look pretty, this books challenges you to think again and educates you to a deeper understanding of this very creative yet highly competitive industry.

As if I wasn’t thrilled to receive my copy of the book, a few days later I received my Invitation to the book launch. Presented in a branded tin of M&M’s. Attention to detail was evident in the choice of coloured M&M’s. with such precision and consideration with the invitation you can begin to understand why this book needs to be part of the retail industry reading curriculum. Happy reading!