The right group: RedBorder joins Revive & Thrive

Revive and Thrive

Revive and Thrive for all people passionate about place.

When I started RedBorder Ltd in 2006, I always knew that it was going to be hard, business is never easy and retail never sleeps. Understanding if you wanted something in life, the effort needs to be put in, often for not a lot of initial success, but satisfaction that you are going in the right direction. Along the way, you learn new things and meet some very colourful and interesting people some of whom you take with a pinch of salt and the others you build long lasting relationships with.

You may join various fee paying networking organisations, some which will give you great connection and some don’t, initially you feel like you are simply hemorrhaging money, you wonder what’s it all for and then one day you stumble upon the network which is right for you and then everything starts to slot into place.

After years of being a subscriber to a good few of these organisation, I stumbled upon Revive and Thrive as I read through their website and what they aimed to achieve it soon became apparent that the basis of this organisation is a genuine passion for town and city centres. Members subscription fees (although it helps)  was not the driving force behind the momentum of this campaign there is a high level of integrity that is evident when you connect with Mark Barnes (Director Revive & Thrive).

RedBorder ltd joined the campaign in September 2013, pledging our Visual Merchandising expertise to the winning town or city who will receive up to £150k of bespoke business support. We have recently just agreed a corporate package for The Retail Calendar (identified by the Guardian  as Marketing and PR excellence) where the first 50 to subscribe and join the group will receive a hard copy of the calendar and the subsequent 50 will receive a downloadable version. To find out more click Revive & Thrive.