The power of the celebrity and retail.. going Gaga for the Sea Shells

Retail has always had a love, hate, love relationship with celebrities.

*** Celebrities have the power to multiply the sales of a retailer by a mere retweet. so no wonder retailers are clambering to associate themselves with the hottest celeb of the moment.

It is also no surprise that celebrities will do almost anything to keep themselves relevant, current and in the public eye. The pay package not to mention the freebies, perks (or to the inland revenue expenses) is too much or a golden nugget not to make their eyes twinkle and their palms itch.

As a small independent retailer unless you know someone, who knows someone or you have the financial credentials to employ a PR agency gaining access to a celebrity endorsement for your retail outfit or merchandise could be as tricky as getting Miley Cyrus to keep her clothes or keep her tongue in her mouth. (We’ve all seen the images from the 2013 VMA’s)! eek!!!

Sometimes retailers are gifted a great opportunity and if they are quick off the mark they can make a killing.

In steps Lady Gaga, currently in the UK in Camden playing a very intimate gig at the Camden Roundhouse. Her little monster are absolute devotees of their leader, they worship the ground she walks on and defend her like a parent defends their child. This type of loyalty you simply can’t buy once a Little monster always a little monster.

Retailers are aware of this and this is where as a retail business your retail savvyness can come into play and benefit your company.

Lady gaga is renowned for her fashion statement pieces none other than the Sea-shell bra as sported in the image below.






Knowing this a very cunning retailer in Camden, Escapade’s (fancy something different) fancy dress retailer have capitalised upon this and are promoting and selling out of their equivalent of the Sea-Shell bras. I have never heard of this brand owing to the fact that I don’t wear fancy dress however this has changed since I saw a report on this company on the ITV news a few moments ago. The store owner commented on the positive sales impact of the Gaga.

This is another great example of reacting to the current news, hottest topic and tailoring your services accordingly. Once retailers understand why and how to do this there will always be opportunities like this one which Escapade seized with both hands.

Well done guys, you have done retail proud!




Disclaimer: *** Celebrities endorsements can help or hinder your brands. The trick is to associate yourself with the right celebrity.



The rise of the Pop Up Shops

Over the past year I have noticed a surge in pop up shops popping up on the high street.

In response to the economic downturn and the daily closures of retail outlets on the high street, the pop up shop movement seems to be bringing a much needed injection of life to our once thriving otherwise gloomy high streets.

I was first introduced to the pop ups concept via an organisation called meanwhile space. As a visual merchandising company I have often looked at empty shop fronts as a waste of space which can be a advertising revenue source for landlords if only local councils and government would relax the laws. A compromise seems to have been reached and Pop up shops appear to be the way forward for shops and commercial buildings which are waiting to be leased.

The Pop up shop concept is a great initiative not only does it breathe life in to our ailing towns and high street but it also provides small businesses with an opportunity to stock their products in a shop. It may only be for a few weeks, sometimes longer but the opportunity to access this level of exposure is not to be missed.

The products within these stores are so varied, it isn’t uncommon to find stationery, Jewelry, handbags, home wares, to toiletries all nestled next to each other yet the organic nature of the pop up concept makes it all appear rather seamless and compliment each other very well.

From Pop Up Britain, Meanwhile space, Established East and Box Park, UK’s First Pop up Mall, (to name a few but you get the gist) all these shops are dotted around London for consumers to peruse and purchase some quality British manufactured products at it’s rawest.

This is a perfect opportunity for any small business with a product to get their items stocked within a store located in a high footfall area. For more details on each of the mentioned Pop Ups please click on the relevant image which will direct you to the website