A baby is born and retailers rejoice… is the new Prince’s name a nod to George at Asda?

(With a title like that, I wished I could have used the slogan “Every Little Helps)”, thwarted!

So by my reckoning if Kate Middleton and Prince William have 5 more kids, we may just get out of the financial deficit which is looming around the UK.                                              The retail sector will he hailed as the saviour of the British economy.

The reaction to the birth of our third in line to the throne, was to spend, spend, spend and of course retailers were only too happy to encourage, supply and capitalise upon this mass spending hysteria.  Supply and demand is what retail is all about and it is an occasion like no other which guarantees a feel good factor and of course people spend when they are happy.

So retailers have cottoned on to the benefits of reaction Visual Merchandising and in this case they had to be very reactive. The three seminal moments of the birth of  Prince George were: The Date, The Gender and the Name, this gave the media a plethora of headline opportunities but also gave retailers the perfect opportunity to celebrate, run promotions and engage with their customers.

Mamas and Papas of course were off the mark with a celebratory Westfield London Event:

Mamas and Papas @ Westfield London

Now plans for the Christening is underway, this will no doubt be another opportunity for retailers to showcase the best of their product range:

So if you are a retailer and want to know how to maximise the sales potential of these opportunities then look no further than the ultimate retail resource  click The Retail Calendar for more details


The Retail Calendar 2014

It’s finally here.

The 2014 edition of The Retail Calendar, the essential trade resource for retailers.

We are really proud of our latest edition of The Retail Calendar. We have worked really hard to ensure that we listed the pivotal commercial dates, which retailers should try and capitalise upon and provide credible advice and tips in order for retailers to achieve this.

So what will retailers get for their money?

  • Colour coded listed commercial events and dates
  • Critical path planning and reminder notifications
  • Retail Tips for: Calendar events, promotional events, Reaction visual merchandising opportunities, additional information, Colour trends for the seasons ahead, Did you know factoids and keep a look out for reminders. The Calendar also allows space for you to jots down your notes.

To purchase your copy please visit www.redborder.co.uk



Andy Murray wins and so does the Retail Industry #TheRetailCalendar

Everyone’s a winner! Game, Set & Match!

At RedBorder Ltd we can often be heard speaking about Reaction Visual Merchandising and this is something which we encourage our clients and even retailers in general to do.

Unless you are Nostradamus, we cannot predict the future, however in some cases you can plan for some eventualities and in other cases you need to be on guard if the unexpected happens.

When Andy Murray lost in 2012 at Wimbledon, there was a sense in the air that he will one day be triumphant on the Tennis surface which has been elusive to a British Male player for 77 years. When he went on to win The US open and the Olympics titles  you knew it was only a matter of time for him to conquer Wimbledon.

In 2013, just last week he made the nation proud that finally there will be no more years of hurt, but a future of belief that British Athletes can achieve at the highest level and go toe to toe with the worlds best.

One things that I believe that the British public do well is celebrate (even if it is for a fleeting moment) we like the escapism and the general feel good factor that it brings. Everyone wants to be a part of it! I would akin it to the (“Where were you moment”)!

On the 7th July 2013, approximately 6:30pm the commercial possibilities became endless and as the nation cheered, agents, sponsors and retailers were rubbing their hands with glee.

Retailers were thinking how can they be a part of this momentous occasion and more importantly how can they bolster trade? One store which i think did a great job of combining the Sale season and the occasion was Hackett, the men’s tailoring brand.who not only played to their strengths but also to their customer profile..

Good Example of Reaction Visual Merchandising

When we created The Retail Calendar it was specifically for this reason. In a world where nothing stands still, retailers need to be more reactive to what is going on around them. They need to be able to spot the opportunities and capitalise upon them instantly.

Victoria Beckham is another great ambassador for Reaction Visual Merchandising,             As much as the cameras were on Andy Murray, Kim Sears also got her fair share of the attention. Brand Beckham capitalised upon this by adorning Miss Sears in her wears in the aptly coloured Mint. Could Mrs B, that Savvy? I do think so, as she is apparently known for having a tongue in cheek sense of humour!

Murray Mint!



















My only wish was that Bassett’s Murray Mints did a campaign…. Murray Minted! Either way well done Andy Murray! #Classic #TheRetailCalendar



Bought on the 4th July… Independents Day and Independent Month (Retailers that is)…

4th July….  Independents Day  (Retailers that is)!!!

                                                                                         July marks the month of independent Retailer Month. This is where retailers, suppliers and anyone affiliated with the retail industry put their best foot forward in order to reinvigorate the Great British High Street.

The UK high street is fighting back, not only against the big shopping centres that are being opened but also against the power of the online marketplace.


With the support of social media and even a feature on Lorraine,The Independent Retailers Month initiative is gaining so much momentum and national media coverage that it proves that the Great British High street is as integral to the British way of life like fish and chips and a cuppa tea.

With over 2000 retailers registered on the site, many of these retailers are promoting great offers and bargains during the month of July. This is an added bonus due to the fact that it’s also sales season. To find out which stores are participating  please click the image below.