New name, same great course. #Design, #Create, #Display!

At RedBorder Ltd we understand the importance of change in order to survive and thrive in the world of business.

With that said we would like to announce the change of name to our retail display course. Previously known as Passion for… Fashion, the new name will be                                #Design#Create,  #Display !

For all of the educational establishments and local authorities who have previously booked the course students can still expect to receive the same Fun Interactive Learning  Through Education and Retail (FILTER) programme which they have previously enjoyed and signed up for.

#Design, #Create, #Display  is a course that is designed to teach students the basics of Visual Merchandising, display, promotions and advertising techniques and how they all interlink with Visual Merchandising. It is a taster course for individuals to introduce the Art of Visual Merchandising  to students who may be considering a creative path but not sure of all the options available to them.

This course aims to encourage creativity and to deliver an interesting, challenging, exciting, informative course, to also give an insight and a heads up on some of the requirements needed in order to get into the Retail and or visual merchandising industry.

#Design, #Create, #Display  follows our key ethos of                                                               Fun Interactive Learning Through Education & Retail (FILTER)

Our main course objectives are

  • Young People achieve personal and social development and enjoy recreation that includes developing or improving skills that benefit their life changes.
  • Young People become confident and learn decision making skills through fun
  • Young People gain experiences that present challenges and adventure within risk assessed activities.
  • Young People develop greater self confidence.

Students will achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • The students will be able to demonstrate the basic levels of Visual merchandising and the art of merchandising, the will have the opportunity to have design, pitch, create and install a window display for a retailer. They will also learn about styling techniques and have the opportunity to enter the Passion for… Fashion competition. This knowledge will be invaluable to them should they choose to go into the industry as fundamentally they will be able to demonstrate to an interviewer that they are aware of the basic skills required to become a visual merchandiser.


  • Compete against other class members to style the mannequin and win the Passion for… Fashion award
  • Class Discussion on their finding
  •  Work in teams to create a window display for a retailer of which the retailer will decide which one they prefer.
  • Then they will all work together as a class to bring the display to life by sourcing products and making products

Enjoy and Achieve

  • Mannequin Styling Competition
  • Visit stores and analyse how retailers come up with their in store and window displays.
  • Design a window display for a retailer
  • Pitch, create and implement the display into the retailer shop window
  • Enterprising
  • Win a Yr’s subscription to glamour magazine and the coveted #Design, #Create, #Display award!
If you are an educational establishment and are interested in finding out more information please Contact Us. We look forward to hearing from you.


Maternity wear for kids in a shop window in Stratford City. Is that ever appropriate?

As a Visual Merchandiser, when it comes to window display nothing really surprises me with some of the ideas that retailers devise in order to sell their wares. Whilst I commend some and frankly other times condemn others, today for the first time ever I was dismayed.

Whilst taking a leisurely stroll in Westfield Stratford City I came across the store Dolly Rocker Kids.  After an initial glance at the window display, I was compelled to do a double-take as I was uncertain about what I actually saw.

Visual Merchandising is a powerful tool for retailers it is the first thing the customer see and one which aims to entice patronage.  However, I do feel that we do have a responsibility to the customers which we serve and as such should be careful of the message that is being displayed.

Over the years working within the Visual Merchandising sector,  I have never ever dressed a children’s mannequin in maternity wear as there is something that just doesn’t quite sit right with me. It feels rather exploitative and opportunistic.  So I question, what is the aim of this company? I noted from the brand’s website that their clothes age range from new born through to 16, so that eliminates that they were targeting an adult market..

If you have ever read my previous blogs, I often stated  that good visual merchandising just needs to make sense and like any good marketing or communications campaign you must know:

  • What is the message?  What are you trying to convey/communicate to your customers and once retailers start off on that basis the other elements will fall into place.

To this I was unsure as to what the message or the aim of the display was. It was very random. It did not appear to be within a theme, concept or coordination to the window display and therefore, I question which visual merchandising guidelines and strategy they followed?

There was however window decal which alerted to an impending big reveal with an image of a baby with wings, I am intrigued at how far they are going to take this.

Have a look at the images below and let’s have your thoughts….

VM Image: Photo Copyright RedBorder Ltd: Image taken on Nokia Lumia 920

VM Image 1: Photo Copyright RedBorder Ltd: Image taken on Nokia Lumia 920

VM Image 1: Photo Copyright RedBorder Ltd


VM Image 2: Photo Copyright RedBorder Ltd: Image taken on Nokia Lumia 920

VM Image 2: Photo Copyright RedBorder Ltd.


VM Image 3: Photo Copyright RedBorder Ltd

VM Image 3: Photo Copyright RedBorder Ltd