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According to the Retail Calendar this week, there are a lot of days to celebrate and if you are a retailer you would be aware of this because you would surely by now have The Retail Calendar pride of place on your staff room notice board.

Let’s start off with National Stationery Week (22nd – 28th April) , which has been hash-tagged so many times on twitter I thought I was witnessing the worlds largest noughts and crosses  game.. I particularly like that this is a whole week instead of one day as I don’t think it is as commercially viable if it is just one day. A case of blink and you miss it. I knew National Stationery week was near as it is one of those celebratory week that epitomises and highlights the need for The Retail Calendar. I have seen how many small and large retailers online have gotten into the spirit of using the week to communicate to their customers and potential new ones offering discounts and prizes for re-tweets or other form of interaction. I just hope that many of these businesses follow through with the in store promotion. It doesn’t have to be expensive if you supply to a retailer just send in an A5 Point of Sale to the Buyer or Visual Merchandiser and ask them to situate it next to your products. This informs your customers that your brand is celebrating National Stationery Week. (You can also try this for other events in the year)!

Next Up Shakespeare’s Day, which compliments National Stationery Week very well and an opportunity for Libraries, Books Stores and the town of Stratford Upon Avon to celebrate the literary genius that is William Shakespeare.

Pret A Manger tribute to St Georges Day

Finally, but by no means least St Georges Day, next to a sporting event St Georges Day usually brings out the Red and White flag. This is one of those events that any retailer can celebrate from the local cake or coffee shop (get creative with your designs like the Pret a Manger image above ) to general retailers show off your t-shirts and other novelty merchandise.

It is key to point out, that the hard work is already done, the TV stations, publications and the social media are  already buzzing about these events. As a retailers you are simply trying to maximise the attention and the opportunity therefore benefiting from the hard work of others including RedBorder Ltd, who have created the wonderful resource The Retail Calendar, which also provides tips and ideas of how to capitalise upon these events and will assist you with your annual  promotional planning www.redborder.co.uk


Visual Merchandising For Fashion

In case you weren’t aware Visual Merchandising is our Passion.

When people ask what is our principle business activity, my response is Visual Merchandising ” we work with retailers to create Window and in-store display” then i go into the further blurb about what that actually entails.                                                               I am pleased that now people are  becoming more aware of the industry and just what it entails. The conversation has now moved on to that of  “Ohh I really love Selfridge’s, Harvey Nichols and Liberty’s window display”. For this  I am particularly grateful to the bloggers out there representing the industry and to the retailers upping their window display game.

One way that I am able to keep abreast of my industry goings on  is via the daily bulletin from WWW.RETAILSTOREWINDOWS.COM . The Retail Store windows website and the Commercial interior Design and Visual Merchandising blog is a daily Visual Merchandising bulletin which documents and chronicles all the visual delights and sometimes atrocities on the shopping meccas across the world. The in depth knowledge of the author (Jonathan Baker) who incidentally is a leading spokesperson and lecturer for the visual merchandising industry gives readers a real insight. Whether you are a professional or someone new to the industry there is something for every one.

Gucci - Monte Carlo


Jonathan and his co-author Sarah Bailey have now penned the book titled “Visual Merchandising For Fashion. Which  answers the following questions “How do we define retail spaces to maintain commerciality and the ‘experience’ to encapsulate the virtual world as well as the physical one? How do we journey from private to public place? Where do people meet before they go shopping? Why do we go to a particular store and not another? What makes things sell? What first attracts us to a brand? Visual merchandising is concerned with all of these questions – and incorporates the relationship between brand, consumer, product and environment”?.

This really takes the Visual Merchandising industry to a new level and introduces the psychology about the how’s and why’s of Fashion Visual Merchandising and hopefully go someway to gain traction for the industry.

“It is an essential resource for any Fashion / Visual Merchandising student”

RedBorder Ltd are proud contributors to the publication Visual Merchandising For Fashion. You can obtain your copy from http://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/visual-merchandising-for-fashion-9782940447701/