After a Buyer and Store owner why a Visual Merchandiser should be a supplier’s / manufacturer’s best friend!

Visual Merchandising has long been considered retails silent sales advisor. It has the ability to communicate so much without any dialect, it truly is an multilingual asset to the retail industry.

Many years ago it was called window dressing and although this term still applies to certain aspect of the role, it has now evolved to so much more than simply making a window look pretty by sticking products in it. It is a Science, just not rocket science!

What Suppliers and Manufacturers may not be aware of is that a good Visual Merchandiser that knows their way around the shop floor and head office must liaise with Buyers, Merchandisers Marketing and Commercial Teams. It is definitely an asset if a Visual Merchandiser is visually creative and savvy with the ability to be commercially aware.

This is how it work:                                                                                                            A Buyer will go out and purchase stock for the seasons ahead or they may just arrange for suppliers to come and meet with them to show off their wares either way it’s their decision what is stocked in the store. Buyers too need to make ROI (return on investment)!

A Merchandiser decides how much money there is to allocate to specific products and in what quantity and how much products can be sold for… for them it’s all about margins and in most cases there is no margins for error!

Marketing have to communicate the Buyer’s vision of the product via various campaigns including posters, social media, instore displays, window displays etc etc! Ohh I forgot to mention that Visual Merchandising comes under Marketing (our budget allocation comes from them) so the vision for the window displays are being conceived in line with that of the external marketing campaign!

Once products are ready and marketing campaign has been executed just leaves for the Visual Team to bring it all together…Ta daaaa!!!

For many small independent retailers the store owner is all these roles rolled into one, so in some respect as a supplier/ manufacturer you are at an advantage because you do not have so many approval channels to go through. In this instance you should help the store owner with supplying POS (point of sale material), believe me if you make it stand out a store manager would look favourably upon it. They see the investment that you are willing to invest in your own product so they will be inclined to do the same. If at any stage they decide to procure the services of a Visual Merchandiser this is someone you must get to know and familiarise yourself with! They have your products in their hand and where they decide to position your product is key!




Springfair International 2013

So where will you be from 3rd – 7th February 2013. Well RedBorder Ltd will be Guest Speaking at the Spring fair international exhibition (Europe’s leading home and gift trade fair)!

Visual Merchandising is not exclusive to Apparels’ There are other industries that can benefit from the good practice and execution of a visual merchandising strategy. So RedBorder Ltd will be providing attendees with valuable information of when and how to create impactful, wallet enticing and commercially viable window displays.

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